About This Project

“May our prayers rise like incense…”

From the beginning of time, incense has been used for both practical and mystical purposes in every land. Every religion and path that has ever existed has used it in one form or another, making incense a major connecting thread running through all, despite differences and conflicts. Incense is like the spirit of spiritual practice, just as our human spirits are identical, despite outward differences between us.

Prayer is another common thread all paths practice—and not only is it a practice, it is itself a connecting activity, reminding those praying that they are not alone, that there are others beyond themselves, and that there is a bigger picture we are all in the center of. Prayer takes on many forms, including spoken words, mere passing thoughts and directed intentions, silent meditations, Masses and services dedicated to those being prayed for, or simply lighting candles and… incense.

Like Incense is a prayer project with a heart for people to not only support and be supported by each other, but to more closely unite the planet as the one family we are, regardless of religion, color, size, height, orientation, country, or caste. In this place, all are invited to the table to share their hearts, and to take on the hearts of others as their own, bearing the load and delighting in the celebrations and breakthroughs together.

Prayer is often only thought of as something done when in need, but it is simply communication with and communion with All That Is—which includes each one of us—and embodies celebrations and gratefulness just as much as requests for support and expressions of need.

Prayer is also outside of time—both forward and backward. Someone offering a prayer today for a request two weeks old is immediately transported back two weeks, and that person is sitting present with that request as they pray for it in that moment. Because of this, someone requesting prayers today knows they instantly have thousands of prayers by their side, whether their request is physically seen immediately as it posts or not seen until five years from now. Prayer requests never expire, are never too late, and are instantly fulfilled.

At Like Incense, we are all One—no names are required when I am you and you are me; all posts are completely anonymous unless one chooses to post a name.

Whether you pray silently or aloud, meditate, send energy, light candles, practice generosity in dedication, recite pujas and sutras with intention, or perform ceremonies and rituals to embody your prayers, please join with us in interconnected unity, uplift the requests posted here, post your own needs and requests, and share in our common humanity.

We are family.